Essay 5: What are the negative effects on education at all levels after the Covid-19 pandemic?

Over recent years, Covid-19 pandemic has been under debate as the hottest issue in the world. It has made considerable impacts on every aspect of life, and most remarkably, on field of education. It is strongly believed that in the Covid-19 pandemic, education has changed dramatically due to some negative effects of the pandemic.

First of all, the quality of students learning outcomes is somehow unstable, for they have learned from home for a long time. Studying should be paired with practicing since knowledge has to be put into practice to make progress. To illustrate, students find it easy to cheat while studying or taking a test online, but they accidentally do harm to themselves at the same time because the final result will be untrue. That is how learning online in such a pandemic worsens the learning outcomes.

Secondly, unity, which is the most prioritized factor in a classroom, seems to be lessened throughout the learning process in the pandemic. Previously, learners could learn how to do teamwork, cooperate with their classmates, and communicate to complete the tasks. These days, for example, it is getting harder for members in a class to connect through a screen, resulting in low efficiency in study. Studying at home creates a distance that makes students less cooperative while learning.

Finally, those who are not rich enough will definitely have a difficulty in online learning. They do not have enough financial condition to meet the requirement of devices needed to study, and it leads to their low overall results. For instance, children that are from remote areas often have to struggle to earn a living with their family, so it sounds impossible for them to own a laptop or a cell phone to have access to such online classes. Necessary conditions, especially in finance, have been a hindrance for people to work and study.

In summary, bad effects stemmed from the existence of Covid-19 pandemic vary greatly and deeply in educational field although people are always looking forward to a bright future to achieve greater goals. That is why we are all hoping to see a world full of joys and peacefulness without those viruses.

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