Essay 6: Overpopulation and environment.

When it comes to overpopulation, people are instantly reminded of a sequence of awful negative outcomes ranging from economy to education. Environment, however, has proved to be the most direct consequence over time in light of its serious degradation. The issue is also known as environmental pollution. Overpopulation has brought about countless effects in three major forms of pollution: air pollution, water pollution, and land pollution.

To start with, the dramatic growth in population is a real burden to the air. The great amount of exhaust emitted from vehicles and factories in big cities pollute the air badly; for this reason, populated cities have always been on top in the world’s polluted air ranking. For instance, the second most populated country in the world, India, has suffered  the worst pollution ever because it has caused many deaths to the inhabitants. The huge need to use means of transportation to travel and the mass production of the industry joined hands to create a bad effect on the environmental sustainability, let alone people’s health.

Furthermore, the bigger the population is, the more alarming the rate of water pollution becomes. Rivers, streams and springs full of trashes are seen everywhere that results in the contamination of the water source. It is reasonable that people often settle down near the water, yet they tend to litter around their habitat and cause damage to the surrounding environment.  To give an example, farmers would go to any lengths to protect their crops against insects and bacteria; consequently, they use chemicals and pesticides which will seep into the groundwater and poison the plants as well as the animals that live underwater. What is more, eventually, the streams will flow into the sea, leading to a further pollution.

Lastly, humans’ substantial actions towards the soil is the most common cause of its contamination. One way or another, people have to widen their area to any exploitable ground because of the population overload. Sadly, the truth is that they are more like destroying the place as a consequence of inappropriate methods and lawless plans. More people means we need more space, more houses, and more buildings. A rise in the rate of deforestation has totally posed a threat to the soil that it weakens and degrades the soil, resulting in soil erosion and floodings.

In conclusion, when a lot of measures are taken to enhance the sustainability of the environment, the problem of having too many people has made lasting solutions more challenging to find and posed many negative effects on the Earth.

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