Coronavirus has come so far to the point that we could hardly live without knowing about it to a certain extent. Accordingly, humans have changed their previous routine life activities into indoor ones that are safer. Also, they have found so many drawbacks in communication among people, some of which create negative effects on the way we communicate.

First, apparently, a lack of in-person communication depresses people. We might not realize that even the most introverted people are craving connection and crowd. Because of the need to keep distance and staying in, people tend to feel bored and stressed. To give an example, according to a survey, there has been a rise in depression among people living in big cities which are the hotspots of Covid-19. The pandemic has prevented people from getting in touch as well as having a conversation.

Second, online communicating apps issues are inevitable. People with bad intentions are likely to fake information and profiles when using these apps. For example, in the future, they might lure the victim to meet in person and attack them. Besides, it is unfortunate but common when someone is robbed online just by a click on a strange link. It is dangerous for young people when using the apps to entertain in lockdown.

Last but not least, communication through virtual society is not so effective although it is our last choice in lockdown. Everything seems easy-to-use on the Internet, but the efficiency is not so good as the process. To exemplify, to communicate well with classmates is necessary to complete an assignment, and when everything is done, the results will not be adequate because we don’t really understand each other. It is getting harder for us to communicate effectively through the Internet .

In summary, the outbreak of Covid-19 has brought the world into a totally puzzling situation, with severe impacts on communication that influence the way people live and take action. To look on the bright side, it helps us treasure the moments and cherish the time we got with everyone.

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