Essay 2: Show the similarities and/ or differences in the ways that two cultures celebrate an important event, such as a birthday, wedding, or funeral.

Growing up within an Asian culture, have you ever imagined having a wedding in a European country? Getting married is one of the most important milestones in one’s life, so the two cultures must have different special practices to celebrate it, along with some obvious similarities between them. In this essay, both differences and similarities between an Asian and a European wedding will be generally pointed out based on my perspective.

From my personal point of view, an Asian couple’s wedding is somewhat an event that focuses on the whole family of both sides. Most people appreciate the traditional practices and cultural beliefs because they believe that a marriage has to be approved by their ancestors, so that it will last long. For this reason, on this occasion, parents of the bride and the groom are responsible for planning the wedding. As a result, a traditional wedding is usually very large since the couple’s parents consider it as an opportunity to invite all relatives and friends to come and celebrate. Sometimes, it will be considered inappropriate if the event is held in a modest way. In addition, a set of wedding rings is a required part of the ceremony as they represent for the commitment of the couple, which also appears among the European beliefs.

A European wedding always seems to be made only for the couple, who are the main characters on their special day. What I have known so far, it is celebrated as freely as they want, with a comparative number of guests. Unlike the traditional Asian lifestyle, the European live in an open way; consequently, regardless of customs, they organize an event where they can enjoy their happiness with their beloved ones. Perhaps everyone of us once watched a film scene in which the bride would throw the bouquet after the ceremony. The meaning of the action is to predict who will be the next person to get married, depending on who successfully catches the bouquet. Likewise, the couple’s wedding rings are as necessary as they are in Asian culture because they symbolise a connection between the newlyweds.

In conclusion, although there are some remarkable differences and similarities, the two cultures share a belief of a happy marriage that will last permanently. In the future, there may have some changes in celebrating a wedding in both regions to meet the needs of people living in a modern world.

Source: Nguyen Ho.

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